Pacific Northwest Trail Documentary

A man and his dog embark on a thru-hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail where they will capture it’s history, beauty and film the trail’s first documentary.

This summer Trevor Rasmussen (aka Fronkey) will be walking from Glacier National Park to the Pacific Ocean to film the first documentary of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail with his dog Tala.

During the journey he will capture the untouched beauty and show what it’s like to walk one of North America’s hidden gems. And by hidden, less than 20 people attempt a thru-hike every year.

“This 1200-mile route, however, doesn’t lead to gold or furs but something infinitely more valuable true adventure.” – Ronald Strickland, founder of the PNT.

This project is being funded on Kickstarter. $1,700 is the minimum amount to get this documentary produced. It is hoped to raise more than this, thus improving the quality of the project that you are taking your time to invest in. The more raised, the better camera and audio gear that can be used making for a top notch product and viewing experience.



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