Get your family outdoors and tackle that spring fever on nearby trails

Hiking is fun all year round but especially so in the spring when nature is coming alive. Families with children of all ages can benefit from the exercise and adventure of hiking.

Parents and kids alike will benefit from the fresh air and exploration of a good hike. Hiking builds both body and mind exercising nearly every part of your body: legs, arms, hips, abdominals and shoulders. Hiking also exercises your powers of observation, awareness and imagination. Regular hiking improves both cardio and muscular fitness, reduces stress and helps us sleep better at night.

To hike with your family, plan, plan and plan some more. Whether or not you were an active hiker before children, hiking with kids in tow is a different experience. Spend some time to select and investigate the trail ahead of time to make sure you pick a hike that’s best for your family’s abilities. You might want to start with a short hike a mile or less especially if you have younger children. But even children around the age of 5 can be expected to walk 1-3 miles that aren’t too strenuous. If you have older children, you can pick more difficult and longer trails.

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