SC Upstate’s hiking trails are full of history

The Mountain Bridge Passage trail starts in an old ghost town that was the old Camp Spearhead, just off scenic Highway 11 in northern Greenville County, South Carolina.

It is the only trail connecting Highway 11 to the state park system of trails in Greenville County. It also hooks up with the Foothills Trail itself via Caesars Head State Park.

Running for about 4 miles to join with the Oil Camp Creek trail in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness, the trail passes through the Ashmore Heritage Preserve before passing onto state park lands.

The Mountain Bridge trail is accessible from either end, although the space for parking is limited in both places.

Plans are to turn the site of Spearhead into a Blue Wall Center after enough money is raised to start work on the $18 million project. Blue Wall Center will be designed to introduce visitors to the Blue Wall Escarpment, home to more tree species than all of Europe as well as more than 400 species of rare plants.

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