Hiking Wyoming’s Medicine Bow Peak

Wyoming’s high country does not always lend itself to quick weekend getaways.

The trailheads are often isolated, requiring hours of driving. The trails themselves frequently spend miles winding their way towards the peaks. In short, reaching the high country is usually a time consuming, laborious endeavor.

So what is a mountain loving, time-strapped person to do?

The advantages of Medicine Bow Peak are several. The highest peak in the Snowy Range at 12,013 feet, Medicine Bow Peak is located just outside of Centennial, approximately a three and half hour drive from Casper. The three trailheads offering access to the summit are above 10,000 feet, meaning one need not hike long before breaking out above tree line. And the mountain’s relatively gentle slopes make the spectacular views of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Medicine Bow Mountains relatively easy to obtain.

This is a good hike for anyone looking to introduce older children or a friend to the grandeur of Wyoming’s high peaks.

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