“Over the Hill Gang” volunteers for Prescott’s trail system

Prescott, AZ has the perfect ingredients for constructing trails using mostly free labor. This “volunteer” labor comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from schools, church groups, and non-profits to”‘non-voluntary” community service and restitution programs. There are also more specialized trail building groups such as the local mountain biking, hiking, and equestrian clubs.

One local group that has worked constructing trails around Prescott over the past 15 years, is an ever changing group made up mostly of retirees called the “Over the Hill Gang.” The OHG has no formal organization structure, has no meetings, no membership procedures, etc. but prides itself by completing sections of trails 2-3 mornings per week.

With Prescott’s great outdoors, open areas, forests, and rugged landscapes the perfect setting exists to put the OHG to work building trails.

New and unseasoned volunteers should be coached not to attempt to keep up with more experienced workers. Everyone needs to work within their own capabilities , drink lots of water, rest when needed, and work only as long or short as they want on any given day. Three hours on any given day is about as long as volunteer crews should work.

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  • DSD

    What an amazing crew they all are! Love that name too, as it echoes not with anything about age, but rather reflects their perspectives about what lays just a little further and farther along their horizons… Giving back in this way is hard work at times, as we many of us know, but as with the hiking and trecks themselves, ‘hard’ is a relative word for why and what we do out among the wild places…