New trail system open near North Dakota reservoir

A new walking and biking trail system is now in use near Jamestown Dam thanks to the efforts of a Jamestown, ND man and his 16-year-old son. Back in May 2010, Bill Steinmetz proposed a new single-track trail system to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which operates and maintains the Jamestown Dam area. Steinmetz said he noticed Jamestown had a shortage of easily accessible single-track trails.

“We named it Split Rock because there’s a large boulder there that got split by a tree. The tree is now growing through the middle of the rock,” Steinmetz said. “To me, it’s a testament to the power of patience and persistence.”

He said Split Rock is an easy-access trail in a location offering many benefits to riders and walkers.

This year, they made the first cut of a new trail they called “Overlook.”

“We call it Overlook because it’s set up such that at almost any point on the trail, you can overlook the rest of the trail in front of or behind you and see not only the scenery, but the other riders and walkers as well,” Steinmetz said.

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