Lewis and Clark, Young Men Going West – the Ultimate Hike

The Lewis and Clark National Park covers a sprawling 40 miles and comprises 12 separate sites in an area stretching from Long Beach, Washington State to Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Abundant trails for hiking, drama, stunning scenery and wild, rugged coastline all mix together in this historic encounter of America’s most famous explorers. These trail-blazing pioneers, in every sense of the word, had trekked with a Newfoundland dog for some 4,000 miles across what was the newly acquired Louisiana Territory, and finally set up camp at Fort Clatsop in Oregon. It was here that the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery over-wintered from December 1805 to March 1806 in far from perfect conditions. Today, the Fort is one of two main visitor centers and is a great starting point to rediscover their long and arduous journey.

Established on the banks of the Lewis and Clark River – formerly the Netal – Fort Clatsop gives a superb close up experience of how The Corps coped with what was a particularly harsh, wet winter – they only saw 6 days of sunshine during their stay.

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