Lake Alma, AR to get new hiking trail

A local resident has teamed up with a statewide naturalist group to create a hiking trail around Lake Alma. Harry McWater and Arkansas Master Naturalists are looking for volunteers to help cut a hiking trail around Lake Alma starting March 10.

Participants will be trained by members of the naturalist group on how to clear the trail for hikers, but keep it “as natural as possible,” McWater said. Volunteers will then have the option to come and work on cleaning the 3 to 5 miles of trail whenever they have the time, he said.

Though the subject previously has been brought before city officials, they were never able to free up money in the budget to cover the expense, McWater said.

Recently, McWater sought and was granted permission to go forward with the project on his own. He contacted Arkansas Master Naturalists to help with the hiking trail, he said. The group’s projects often center around conserving nature, while at the same time making it accessible.

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  • Aaron Matthews

    Great trail. I mapped it using my Trimble Outdoors app. Here’s the link:

  • The trail is ready for all hikers!

    . All the bridges are complete and markers are up. Please come and hike this wonderful trail