BioBlitz Finds Hundreds of Species New to National Park

The 24-hour BioBlitz in Arizona’s Saguaro National Park added more than 400 species to park lists, including 190 species of invertebrates and 205 species of fungi previously unknown to the park, the National Geographic Society said in a news announcement. At least one species of bryophyte is new to the park and potentially new to science, Geographic added in a release.

The BioBlitz was the fifth in a series of annual inventories of species in U.S. National Parks adjacent to large urban areas. The series is hosted by National Geographic and the National Park Service in the run-up to the centenary of the National Parks in 2016.

Nearly 200 scientists from around the U.S., thousands of amateur explorers, families and schoolchildren conducted a 24-hour inventory of the plants, insects, birds and other creatures that inhabit the desert park, National Geographic said in its news statement.

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